If so far the top golfers from Viljandimaa have taken turns at the Valgeranna golf course every autumn, this year the stakes were raised and they also compared themselves to the lindens. By combining the competitions of the two counties, we wanted to make golf lovers more familiar with each other and offer them a change. A total of 56 golfers participated in the competition.

Andres Soo won the men's Viljandimaa championship with 83 shots, and Miina Põhi won the women's competition for the second year in a row with 80 shots. The champions were followed by Mihkel Põhi with 89 and Helena Aulik with 98 shots. The third place went to Gristel Kütaru in the women's category, who made 114 shots, and to Vahur Rohti in the men's category with 94 shots. The day before the competition, Vahur Roht had hit the second "hole in one" of his life while playing a practice round in Valgeranna.

A fun inter-county competition was also organized, where the results of the top three men's and women's point games were taken into account. On this occasion, Viljandimaa had to admit the superiority of Pärnumaa, and the traveling cup remained with Pärnumaa. Pärnumaa collected 220 points and Viljandi County 203 points. The victories of the special competitions in the category "Closest to the flag" also went to Pärnu County, but the awards for the longest opening shot both went to Viljandi County. Miina Põhi performed the longest opening kick for women, and Vahur Kets managed the longest opening kick for men.

Lepmets & Nõges "birdie" special prize was awarded to Pärnumaa player Aivar Liiv, who made a good result and scored two "birdies" during the tournament. Good luck and success on the court in the future!