We are pleased to announce that we represent Estonia in the global legal network ALFA International! 

ALFA International is the premier global legal network, with a membership of over 140 independent law firms in more than 50 countries. Membership in the organization is by invitation only and requires a rigorous selection process, strong performance indicators, excellent client feedback and exemplary input from professional organizations. ALFA International only selects top-tier law firms that provide exceptional service, and membership is exclusive. For every major city, state, or country, only one law firm is represented in the ALFA International network. Lepmets & Nõges now represents Estonia!

Why ALFA International for Law Firms in Estonia?

ALFA International is a leader among its peer networks in the production of national seminars, regional programs and other client-focused events. All of these meetings enable ALFA International lawyers and clients to build strong professional and social relationships. ALFA International lawyers spend quality time with their clients, getting to know them and their businesses. ALFA International lawyers also forge strong bonds with fellow network attorneys worldwide. These relationships produce a unique commitment to providing the best in legal services.

Our partner, Ott Lepmets, stated: 'We decided to join the organization primarily so that we can offer our clients quality service outside of Estonia. This is a prominent organization that provides an excellent platform for networking and sharing knowledge. We will strongly benefit from it, and we can also be of benefit to others on issues related to Estonia.'

Immediate Access to a Comprehensive Network

Hiring outside counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions can be time-consuming and fraught with risk. But ALFA International provides clients with immediate access to a comprehensive network of law firms, covering 95 of the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas and more than 50 countries worldwide.


Outstanding Member Law Firms

ALFA International law firms are among the best-in-class, garnering local, state, and national recognition and awards. Great care is taken in the selection process, with heavy reliance on client feedback and input from other ALFA International firms and professional organizations.


Experienced and Expert Trial Counsel

ALFA International was initially formed as a small network of trial counsel. Member firms are composed of lawyers who have tried hundreds of cases, often serving as state or federal prosecutors, district attorneys, public defenders, or administrative agency counsel. Many of these lawyers have been elected to prestigious national trial advocacy organizations. 


More than Trial Lawyers

In addition to trial work, most ALFA International member firms have broad-based general practices. ALFA International recruits member firms with wide-ranging subject matter expertise. Due to the less litigious legal climate in many parts of the world, our international members maintain substantial commercial, corporate, regulatory, and transactional practices. 


Efficient & Effective Legal Services

ALFA International member firms fully understand that today’s in-house counsel are under increasing pressure to contain outside counsel fees, and the network strives to provide clients with cost-effective legal services. ALFA International firms are generally managed in a conservative style, eschewing costly expansions and speculative investments. This cost-conscious approach extends to clients’ fee arrangements as well. 


ALFA International members recognize that client relationships take time to build and frequently begin with minor engagements. Our firms are happy to “start small,” investing the time and resources necessary to build client confidence and satisfaction.


By selecting one of the ALFA International network’s law firms, clients are retaining the services of many other excellent law firms throughout the U.S. and worldwide. ALFA International firms assist fellow members regularly, exchanging non-privileged legal research, consulting on trial and transaction strategies, providing advice on judges and expert witnesses, and helping fellow member firms better serve ALFA International clients. Each year our numerous seminars and other meetings facilitate the pooling of knowledge and resources among our member firms. 


Excellent and Numerous CLE Opportunities for Law Firms in Estonia

ALFA International’s educational programs are one of the hallmarks of our organization. ALFA International conducts many multi-day seminars each year. These seminars are supplemented by one-day regional events, customized programs presented at a client’s office, and an active webinar schedule. In addition, ALFA International clients often serve as panelists and speakers at seminars, conferences, and conventions. ALFA International’s Practice Groups also publish various legal reference materials, including seminar course books, legal compendia, digests, and 50-state surveys.


With so many compelling reasons, it’s easy to see why ALFA International clients typically use many members from within the ALFA International network