At the session of the board of the Estonian Bar Association on 20.02.2018, the lawyers of our office, Ott Lepmets and Kristjan Nõges, were awarded the professional title of attorney-at-law!

The professional title of attorney-at-law can be given to a member of the Estonian Bar Association who has passed the attorney exam and worked as an assistant attorney for at least three years. Ott Lepmets and Kristjan Nõges worked as attorney assistants since September 2, 2014 and passed the attorney exam on the first attempt. A total of 86 examinees took part in the winter exam of 2018, including 45 examinees of the sworn attorney exam and 41 examinees of the assistant sworn attorney exam. All in all, 30 examinees (35%) passed the exam with a positive result, including 24 examinees of the attorney's examination and 6 examinees of the attorney's assistant exam.