Areas of activity

Family matters

Family is the biggest treasure a person can have. This makes litigations arising from family relationships all the more complicated and they often have more than one source of problems. When spouses have decided to get a divorce, the assets acquired during the marriage also need dividing and it has to be decided whose residence the children can call their home from now on.

Due to personal emotions, the things that people want may not always correlate with the things the person needs. The choices made and decisions taken have long-term consequences and this is why you should not act in the heat of the moment.

In addition to experience, our lawyers also have the personal traits necessary to first determine the actual needs of the client and then provide them with professional advice. We also encourage clients to make difficult decisions, if necessary. Judicial proceedings in family law cases may be extremely lengthy and burdensome, which is why we try to help the parties reach a peaceful extrajudicial solution where possible. If no such solution satisfying the client can be reached, we are also prepared to defend the interests of our client in lengthy and difficult judicial proceedings.

In relation to family law, we provide assistance in the following fields, for example:

  • entering into, divorcing or terminating a marriage, partnership, or some other non-traditional form of relationship
  • selection of a property regime or division of property
  • maintenance (support) for a divorced spouse or a child
  • parental rights and obligations towards a child, including exercising the right of guardianship and settling access to the child
  • Succession
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