Areas of activity

Penal law

Unfortunately, “overcriminalisation” is still the word to best describe the Estonian penal and criminal policy. The jungle of penal provisions is complex and just the fact that over half of the Estonian population has been entered into the criminal records database shows how easy it is to break the state’s restrictions unknowingly. However, the consequences for such mistakes may be devastating.

A person has to have an actual possibility of defending themselves against a state that sails under the flag of punishment. In offence proceedings, our lawyers undoubtedly have remarkable and wide experience – before becoming a lawyer, several of us have worked both at investigation authorities and prosecuting authorities. Sitting on the other side of that desk has given us a thorough understanding of the way of thinking of a body conducting proceedings, and enables us to be even more efficient in exercising the right of defence.

We provide professional legal assistance in analysing the lawfulness of both the client’s or a third person’s actions. In a situation in which the state has already intervened, we provide consultations to persons subject to proceedings in misdemeanour matters and suspects or the accused in criminal matters in finding the best defence strategy, and defend our clients from the first procedural act until reaching a conclusion that closes the proceedings.

We also assist people who have fallen victim to an offence. We will report on the criminal offence in the name of the injured party, help them in gathering evidence, communicating with investigative bodies, the prosecutor’s office, and the accused, and represent our client in judicial proceedings. We make sure that the injured party receives compensation and the amount is fair.

We will be there for you throughout the process