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Who are we and how did we get here?

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Our law firm is based on a joint vision of two schoolmates that has grown into a unique team. Being bound by more than just professional activity is what makes our cooperation withstand all challenges and inspires our entire collective. We are proud to have the youngest team of attorneys of all Estonian law firms, which also serves as our best competitive advantage. We are open to innovation and new challenges, are flexible and customer-orientated, and always willing to provide more than expected.

We already knew what we’d like to do for a living at the end of high shcool and have been working hard and consistently ever since to achieve that goal, not only in form, but also in substance. Already before the Master’s studies, we had taken every opportunity to gain professional experience by working in various law firms and legal institutions and actively participating in extracurricular activities. Already in the first year of the Master’s studies, Kristjan Nõges was invited to a reception of Paul Varul, civil law professor at Tartu University and a former Minister of Justice, who made him a proposal to start working at his highly prestigious law firm VARUL, today known as TGS Baltic. Ott Lepmets, however, was invited to another leading law firm LAWIN, currently known as COBALT. The experience gained and connections made at these times were invaluable and created the necessary basis for making a long-time dream come true and establish a law firm of our own.

Getting started with the firm required complete dedication and meant many sleepless nights. In the early days, we actually had to spend all nights at the office because building the company took all of our assets. Yet, we were certain that the investments made would pay off eventually and, most importantly – we enjoyed what we were doing. As a starting company, we didn’t have many clients, but this enabled us to fully concentrate on those that gave us a chance. And so, it didn’t take long to find the first strategic cooperation partners, who are still with us today. By now, we have been operating for more than ten years and it has certainly been an eventful ride. However, it is equally certain that we haven’t forgotten why we embarked on this journey in the first place. We still wish to be the best in this field and become the leading law firm in the region together. Our success is measured by our clients’ success and hopefully you will find a way of seeing it for yourself. We are a business partner you can truly trust.

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