On the last day of the last summer month, the 1st Viljandimaa Golf Championship was held at the Valgeranna golf course. The battle was exciting and, in addition to luck, Lepmets & Nõges also favored the brave. Anyone who knows what a "birdie" is also knows that it must be celebrated with dignity. That's why we also presented a relevant and worthy special award, which was won by "Gristel Kütaru", who almost managed to hit the second "hole-in-one" of his life.


Best Regards!



Ist place – «Tõnno Habicht» 

II place – «Priit Kull» 

III place – «Peeter Kilk» 



Ist place– «Ingrid Säga»

II place – «Anne Kilk» 

III place – «Kedi Välba»