Areas of activity

Managing documentation

It is said that some lessons need to be learnt first-hand. Our experience shows that one such lesson is to understand that oral agreements only remain valid for as long as both parties benefit from it. As soon as the situation changes and keeping their side of the bargain is no longer lucrative, a party tends to very quickly forget what was agreed upon exactly. There are exceptions to every rule, also to this one, but this is still largely the case. The later the lesson is learnt, the higher the cost usually is. Be wise – write it down. Not sure how exactly? Contact us and we’ll help.

We will prepare the documents for you or your company, be it contracts or annexes to contracts, statutes or rules, conditions of use, privacy policy, or any other regulation. We have successfully regulated extremely complicated relationships but the situation doesn’t have to be complicated or require anything to be compiled in order to turn to us. It is not uncommon that clients let us review and analyse existing documents and drafts to understand the potential risks and find ways to mitigate them. Just keep in mind to keep your agreements under control. Otherwise, the agreements control you.

We will be there for you throughout the process