Areas of activity

Dispute resolution

Differences of opinion are an inevitable part of interpersonal communication. When the object of differences is money or personal rights, everything else is often forgotten and emotions are free to take over. In moments like this, it is reasonable to take a step back and leave the solving of the situation to professionals who are not influenced by emotions. We are these professionals and only work in your best interests. 

We will give an objective assessment of your problems, take into account all of the relevant legal subtleties and do everything in our power to solve the situation in the best possible way for you. It is worth remembering that generally, the best solution is extrajudicial solution. Achieving compromises that satisfy both parties is difficult to overestimate. At the same time, going to court is not something to be afraid of. All the more because it is sometimes simply inevitable. We are more than prepared for this. There is no lawyer in our office who hasn’t already shown exceptional skills at moot court competitions during their legal studies. Our experience is extensive enough to rely on even in the most complicated litigations, yet not so huge as to make us lazy. 

We will be there for you throughout the process