Areas of activity

Commercial law

We know that leading a competitive company in a constantly changing business landscape requires full dedication and an ability to see the entire picture that is made up of numerous intertwined fields of law. To prevent potential problems, documentation that is thought through in detail, clear-sighted and based on the characteristics of your company, needs to be prepared in the very early days of a new company. We know how to draw your attention to the important aspects and offer solutions that really work.

In the everyday operations of a company, we are able to help you, for instance, in organising general and shareholders’ meetings, challenging the decisions taken at meetings, recalling board members and taking legal remedies against them, and settling differences between partners and shareholders. Our lawyers also have thorough knowledge and experience to advise you in the processes of merger, division, or transformation of companies. In the case of a need to dissolve a company, we minimise the impact of negative consequences and give our best to make the entire process the least troublesome possible. Our goal is not just providing high-quality legal services but to simplify the entire carriage of affairs relating to your business activity.

We will be there for you throughout the process